UCT HSC 2018 Constituting Meeting

The Humanities Students’ Council of the University of Cape Town constituted on 1 November 2017. An internal nomination and voting process took place at the meeting to determine the portfolio roles that each of the newly elected HSC members will take on in the coming year.

I live-tweeted the meeting, giving information about the motivations of the members for each portfolio. You can follow the happenings on Storify and have a look at the final candidates for each portfolio.

How to Reach a High Note

Being in a band is a lot of fun. You get to make music with your friends and you have the chance to influence people you don’t even know. That is of course if you “make it” in the industry. It’s not always easy to be successful as a band. it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Read More

Bye, Al Bairre

I finally had the chance to go to a Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert. It was the last concert of the season – Al Bairre and Shortstraw. It was also Al Bairre’s last performance ever (insert sad face). Tickets were sold out more than a week berore the show. Luckily I was so excited for this that I bought mine early on. Read More