Rock and Indie join forces as OppiKoppi and Rocking the Daisies announce collaboration

On Thursday morning Steyn Entertainment announced that they will be collaborating with Hilltop Live for the 2017 OppiKoppi and Rocking the Daisies music festivals. The music festivals will now both take place on the first weekend of October and will be sharing their headlining acts.

The 23rd OppiKoppi will take place from 5-7 October, on the same weekend as the 12th instalment of the Rocking the Daisies festival, that will go on until the 8th of October as two of South Africas biggest music festival join forces.

The festival organisers state that the decision to collaborate was a tactical as well as a financial decision. According to Hilltop Live, the organisers of OppiKoppi, the date-change from the usual second weekend in August to the beginning of October is mainly so that the festival happens outside of the European summer. Due to South African and international acts that often have performances in the Northern Hemisphere during this time, an October festival is likely to involve artists that would have otherwise been unable to perform.

In the statement released on the Official OppiKoppi Facebook page, they state that moving the festival also opens up a few alluring cooperation opportunities which makes a great deal of sense for SA bands, crews and fans and that with both festivals sharing their headlining acts, the financial burden due to the decreased value of the Rand is lightened. 

OppiKoppi is known for its annual themes has also announced that the theme for OppiKoppi 23 is Me now the mango Picker, and that it is “inspired by a strangely beautiful tune by Carlo Mombelli, bass jazz maestro who many people claim are one of the worlds finest.”

Steyn Entertainment, organisers of Rocking the Daisies, was proud to announce the collaboration and stated that this would be the first time in the history of SA where two promoters will work together on this scale, to create explosive experiences, regardless of which event fans choose to attend. The announcement has caused some uproar, as fans who would like to attend both festivals would now have to choose between the two. A combined attendance of 45 000 is expected for the two festivals that are taking place in Darling, Western Cape (Rocking the Daisies) and Northam, Limpopo (OppiKoppi).

Rocking the Daisies and OppiKoppi both provide an important platform to up-and-coming local artists to break through to the bigger crowds that are gathered by these established festivals and artists that are already prominent in the local and international music scene. This is possible through various stages that cater to a wide audience, with about 160 sets per festival, per weekend.

Further information about the collaboration and the acts are soon to be released on the OppiKoppi and Rocking the Daisies social media platforms.


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