Let’s Act Like Teenagers

Upon arrival, you might think you are lost. De Villiers street is quite dark, but the Mercury Live sign and the fairy lights at The Shack are at least and indication of life. As we walked in past the giant bouncer, we were engulfed in the amazing atmosphere of Rock & Roll…

Desmond and The Mother Flippen Tutus (that’s what the T-shirts say) were to perform at 23:00 on Friday. Young Hands were supposed to open for them and I was a bit bummed when they cancelled, but luckily Runaway Nuns stepped in to save the day. I don’t really know their music, but I’m always excited to discover new sounds. I’m usually quite curious to see the opening performances for established artists, so we went early to see what the Runaway Nuns and Retro Dizzy had to offer.





Next time I’ll catch the shirt. Photo courtesy: Desmond & the Tutus

Mercury was packed. During the Runaway Nuns performance the crowd was already starting to get excited. The excitement kept on building as Retro Dizzy was jamming and when Tutus came onto the stage there was a full on mosh pit going on right next to me. No kidding.


There was a lot of dancing, singing, and laughing. I wasn’t even that mad when a stranger who was caught up in the crazy spilled half his beer on my jacket.

At one point during the performance, Shane, the lead singer, removed Doug, the guitarist’s shirt and threw it into the crowd of admirers. I found this kind of weird, but I must admit that I would have really tried to catch it if it wasn’t flown into the opposite side of the room.

This was followed by a body positivity speech. The fact that the Tutus use their success to spread the love is admirable and for me this set them apart from quite a few other bands (but luckily not all of them) I have seen live.

The evening was roaring with happiness and positivity and I had an absolute blast. Even after the performance the crowd stayed for a bit longer, dancing and jamming along to the Golden Oldies booming over the speakers

Desmond and the Tutus have been together as a band since 2005 and has since gained success all over the country. When I heard their name a few years ago, it sounded so absurd that I had to find out what they were up to. Teenagers has been constantly playing in my head since its release in 2015 and I think I might be developing a thing for Pretoria Girls.



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